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AHF Checkpoint offers free and confidential rapid HIV testing, counseling and advice for all who need it. Tests are performed by qualified HIV testing counsellors using the most advanced rapid testing technology. Everyone is welcome! Our main site is in Amsterdam and we have pop-up locations weekly in Rotterdam and elsewhere across the Netherlands.

Get tested with us - Locations

AHF Checkpoint Amsterdam - Inside - Welcome room

Monday & Thursday: 13h00 - 18h00  
Saturday: 12h00 – 17h00

1st floor, in & above the Kiloshop

Jodenbreestraat 158, 1011 NS, Amsterdam.

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Every first & last Monday of the month: 12h00 - 17h00.

Inside WORM

Boomgaardsstraat 71, 3012 XA Rotterdam.

Wednesday: 11h30 - 17h30.

Inside Door2Door

Rochussenstraat 301, 3023 DE Rotterdam.


Club Church, Sauna NZ, Secret Garden Foundation.

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Convenient & Self Services

We are mobile !

Access free HIV services near you

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We provide free condoms at condom dispensers across the Netherlands

24/7 - All Day!

Locate free condom dispensers across the Netherlands!



HIV Knowledge

Knowledge is power. Learn basic facts about HIV, including about how it spreads, how to protect yourself, and how to live an active and productive life in the event of a positive test result.

Learn more about how HIV testing is carried out, in order to be more confident and to dismiss any doubts or irrational fears. Testing is free, confidential, and you will receive the result in 1 minutes.

Have HIV Questions?

Want to learn more about HIV and AIDS? Need someone to ask?
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